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Freightliner/ SelecTrucks Buyers Assurance has Expanded to 60 days.

Freightliner / SelecTrucks Buyer’s Assurance will cover the following components during the first 60 days of

All components currently covered under Select Used Truck Limited Warranty
coverage. (Normal warranty exclusions apply.)
• Plus these key components:
o Turbo
o Radiator
o Starter
o Alternator
o Clutch
o Air Compressor
o Brake Drums
o A/C System (dryer excluded)
o Fifth Wheel
o Transmission Synchronizer

Buyer ’s Assurance is a 60-day comprehensive coverage package with no deductible. It’s automatically included (on qualifying used Freightliner trucks) , at no extra charge, with every qualifying used Freightliner  truck you purchase. Coverage begins the day you take delivery of your used SelecTruck. Buyer ’s Assurance offers you peace of mind by protecting you from unforeseen costly used truck failures. In the event a repair is needed, simply go to any of our more than 600 Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star dealer locations across the country. They will confirm your coverage, repair covered items, and you will be on your way. It ’s that easy. Additionally, in the case of
a Freightliner truck-down situation, you can call our toll-free Freightliner Roadside Assistance number for full repair coordination at the nearest Freightliner LLC service location.




Fuel is one of your largest operating costs.  Vehicle efficiency is determined by several factors, some that you cannot control and some that you can.  No matter the cause of reduced fuel efficiency, it is a reality that appears on your balance sheet every month.  Because Freightliner vehicles are aerodynamically designed, it is safe to assume that your fleet could experience improvements with our vehicles..

Even minor improvements in fuel economy result in significant savings. This is why we are willing to go the extra mile.

The industry continues to fluctuate so it is now more important than ever for many fleets to measure fuel economy out to the third decimal. The following is some of what you can expect from this Freightliner SelecTrucks dealer: 

  • Engine Parameter Evaluation
  • Training on Data Recorders
  • Training on Diagnostic Equipment
  • Life-To-Date Engine Reports
  • DDEC Reports: standard on many of our Detroit Diesel Engines. Allows fleet managers / owners to measure and record all of the following:
    • Trip Fuel M.P.G.
    • Total Fuel M.P.G.
    • Hard Brake Incidents
    • Diagnostic Records
    • Load vs. Speed Charts & Graphs
    • Speed vs. R.P.M. Charts & Graphs
    • Average road speeds
    • Up to date idle hours and percentages


This volatile information is helping trucking fleets pinpoint and correct issues with equipment and drivers before seeing it at the bottom line. This is just one of many ways that SelecTrucks of Kansas City is helping fleets purchase and run proven used trucks.


  • ECM Features Optional Equipment Vehicle Spec’ing Software
    ✓ HP Rating
    ✓ Cruise Control
    ✓ Idle Shutdown
    ✓ Engine Protection
    ✓ Fuel Economy Incentive
    ✓ Low Gear Torque Limiting
    ✓ PasSmart
    ✓ Progressive Shifting
    ✓ Jake Brake®
    ✓ Fuel Pro®
    ✓ Ether StartTM
    ✓ ProDriver®/
    Data Card
    ✓ Optimized Idle®

Below we will discuss some of the unique features about Detroit Diesel / Mercedes-Benz products that may spark an interest about our used truck profit maximizing tools. 



This is a very simple report for anyone with in your fleet to pull, print, and store. It can be downloaded as frequent as you see fit. Detroit has a number of different ways to access this information. You can see this report on any vehicle that I have in stock with a Detroit or Mercedes Benz engine.

Quickly see Trip miles, trip fuel, idle percent, average speed, highest speed, % of cruise usage, % of top gear operation, and more....

A vehicle report that graphs ground speed and engine speed , in fleet defined intervals, as a % of trip time. Also shows which speed bands hard braking events occur in.













DDEC Reporting System

Retrieve your DDEC Data and get help producing detailed reports to analyze driver performance and keep up on periodic maintenance. Data can be retrieved via direct connection or with our wireless IRIS connection.

DDEC Reports helps you monitor every facet of engine operation, like:

  • Trip activity
  • Speed vs. RPM
  • Engine Load vs. RPM
  • Daily engine usage
  • Last stop record
  • Hard brake

DDEC Data Summaries (DDDS)

Designed specifically for the owner or fleet manager, DDDS automatically manages DDEC Data from several sources, sorts it, and produces custom reports. Once data is extracted from each vehicle, DDDS compiles it into a central database and allows you to easily get up-to-date reports on all your vehicles. In other words, DDDS helps improve your bottom line.

Take Advantage of Detroit Diesel’s DDEC® Data DDEC Data is a standard part of our DDEC IV ECU. It utilizes available memory and processing speed, along with the built-in, battery backed clock/calendar to document the performance of the driver and vehicle. Data storage is controlled by a set of user-defined parameters thatare easily modified from the factory installed default settings by using DDEC Reports software.

Data Extraction
A wide range of data extraction options provide a method sure to be compatible with any fleet operation.

■ Direct extraction is accomplished by connecting a PC to the vehicle’s diagnostic port via a small adapter called a DDEC Translator. This method works
well for owner-operators and small fleets.

■ Remote Data Interface™ (RDI) adds automation to the process by initiating data extraction when it senses connection to the vehicle. The RDI system includes a weatherproof extraction module that is usually located at the fuel island or near other normal vehicle activity. This method works well for larger fleets or those with frequent extraction needs.

■ Wireless Extraction offers maximum flexibility in data gathering, with interfaces to existing satellite, cellular and weigh scale bypassing products under development. DDEC Reports After the data is extracted DDEC Reports software produces a wide range of diagnostic and management reports. DDEC Reports uses the popular Windows™ 95 operating system and is included as part of our Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link™ (DDDL) service tool.


■ Available Reports:
— Trip Activity
— Monthly Activity; current and 2 previous
— Speed/RPM
— Load/RPM
— Overspeed/RPM
— Periodic Maintenance; 3 PM items
— Hard Brake Incidents; last 2 events
— Last Stop Record
— Diagnostic Records; last 3 fault codes
— Profile
— Daily Engine Usage; last 30 days
— Life to Date
— Configuration


Fuel Economy Incentive (FEI) Program

Not only does DDEC VI help you take care of your truck by preventing and troubleshooting problems and minimizing engine abuse, it helps you minimize your fuel costs. Because drivers have the biggest impact on fuel consumption, FEI software allows you to team up with your drivers to get the most miles per gallon.

This is quickly becoming a favorite of drivers and owners. The owner sets a fuel economy goal and a maximum vehicle speed. If the driver does not meet the goal, nothing changes. For every 1/10 mpg increase over the fleet fuel economy goal, maximum vehicle speed increases by an amount set by the owner. This is the best driver incentive/fleet management tool available anywhere.

This system is integrated into the Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. It doesn't require constant monitoring as compared  to other incentive programs that your fleet may have in place. It is a set it and let it work feature.

The way it works is relatively simple. You the fleet manager / fleet owner determine a list of problems that are chipping away at your bottom line. Here are three issues that Fuel Economy Incentive may help correct:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Idle time 50% or over
  • Driver complaints of road speeds to slow

By utilizing our premium used trucks with Detroit Diesel or Mercedes-Benz engines you could set the Fuel Economy Incentive to work for you.

The quick explanation is we work with you in determining the correct settings for your baseline. For illustration purposes only I will make some assumptions.

  • The fleet consist of Detroit Diesel or Mercedes-Benz engines (or you will be purchasing them)
  • The fleet Average is 6.0
  • The fleet speed is limited to 67 m.p.h.

The fleet average is 6.0 m.p.g. and you could see large dividends by increasing your fleet average to 6.5 m.p.g.  

Your drivers are not satisfied with 67 m.p.h.

You could propose a possible solution where each party assumes risk and rewards. We know that your best chance at fuel economy is achieved at or below speeds of 65 m.p.h. (This has to do with the amount of energy it takes to propel any object past the 65 m.p.h threshold)

You could explain to the drivers that they will loose 2 m.p.h. in order to keep the fleet financially healthy, but if they could increase the economy to the goal of 6.5 m.p.g. the speed will automatically be increased to 70 m.p.h. therefore propelling the equipment 3 m.p.h. faster than originally set. If the vehicle fuel economy drops then the road speed would be automatically reduced to 65 m.p.h. again.

The attractive side to this incentive is it doesn't require administrative staff to monitor and disburse the incentive. Once it is set up it is fully automated. Drivers like speed for various reasons. In theory once a few of the drivers are able to achieve it then the others may take more initiative to reduce fuel consumption by idling the truck only when necessary or improve other driving habits to promote better fuel economy.


This feature works well with the Fuel Economy Incentive, motioned above. PasSmart allows a driver to have a second vehicle speed limit (VSL) above the normal VSL to assist while passing other vehicles on the highway. This second VSL is programmed for a limited duration during a given time period.

This is helpful for drivers that run slower operating speeds.


Optimized Idle     

Many of our quality used commercial Freightliner trucks was spec'd with an innovative idle reduction system known to the industry as "Optimized Idle". Optimized Idle with DDEC III/IV reduces engine idle time by running the engine only when required. Optimized Idle automatically stops and restarts the engine to accomplish the following:
- Keep the engine oil temperature between factory set limits 60?F (16?C) -- 104?F (40?C)
- Keep the battery charged >12.2 V (12 V system), >24.4 V (24 V system)
- Keep the cab/sleeper or passenger area at the desired temperature (using the optional thermostat

Cost Savings Through Idle Reduction
Optimized Idle™

Unnecessary engine idling increases fleet operating costs by lowering overall fuel economy, shortening
maintenance intervals and reducing engine life through increased wear. Detroit Diesel’s patented DDEC®
Optimized Idle feature is designed to save you money by limiting engine idle time to those times that require it, based on engine temperature, battery voltage and interior temperature.

  • Optimized Idle
    ■ Provides significant cost savings through idle reduction
    ■ Can eliminate cold starts and warm-up time
    ■ Eliminates damaging deep discharge battery cycles
    ■ Reduces electrical system road calls
    ■ Extends engine and battery life
    ■ Electrical appliances such as refrigerator, TV, VCR, etc. can be used without worrying about dead batteries
    ■ Keeps satellite systems and other parasitic electrical loads from running down the battery
    ■ No additional weight...alternate power sources can weigh 400 lbs., or more!
    ■ Requires no additional maintenance, unlike add-on heaters or power sources

  • Optional Thermostat
    ■ Accurately controls interior temperature, provides both heating and cooling
    ■ Driver rests better in driver-selected temperature range on truck applications
    ■ Adjustable “comfort zone” allows selection of how often the engine idles
    ■Provides a “continuous run” mode when outside temperatures are extreme
    ■Easy to use, lighted temperature display and control panel


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